Egg Muffins

These simple and savory egg muffins will wow the gals at brunch, while giving everyone the protein they need to power through a day of Galentine's Day activities!

Fruit Breakfast Pastries

Treat your Galentines to refreshing fruit pastries that are filled with flavor and a kiss of sweetness.

Buttery Pasta and Vegetables

Show your family some love with this light, healthy and delicious pasta that's filled with an array of vegetables, giving you immense flavor in each bite.

One Pan Shrimp Boil

Bring the entire family together with a Bayou-inspired shrimp boil that's a breeze to prepare.

Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Create a romantic dinner at home with elegant and easy-to-make mozzarella stuffed chicken. Your loved one will dig this delicious dish, and you'll love spending less time in the kitchen and more time with your Valentine.

Ribeye with Shiitake Mushroom Butter

Treat your significant other to an indulgent, juicy roast this V-Day. Savory shiitake butter seeps into the warm roast, creating a memorable, mouthwatering meal.

Slow Cooker Lava Cake

Prepare a simple, gooey dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Pair this chocolate-y treat with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries for a sweet twist.


White Chocolate Berry Tiramisu

This berry tiramisu is sweet and perfect for a Valentine's Day dessert! Make this recipe ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator until it's ready to be served.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

A darling Valentine's Day take on classic cheesecake! Serve your sweetie these cute and creamy cupcakes. They're a breeze to make and everyone gets the perfect serving!

White Chocolate Oreo Pops

This one is for the kids and the kids at heart! Recruit your youngsters to help prepare these easy, no-bake Oreo pops.

Valentine's S'mores

A decadent twist on a campfire favorite! Get your kids involved by letting them decorate their s'mores with chocolate, marshmallows and M&M's.

Berry Dessert Shooters

These dessert shooters are quick to put together and fun to eat. The fresh berries pair perfectly with the ice cream and whipped cream for a treat your kids will love!

Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas

Your Galentine's Day brunch reaches next-level status with dazzling raspberry sorbet mimosas. The cold sorbet slowly melts in the champagne, giving you a sweet treat with every sip.

Tuna Burgers

Switch up your classic beef burger for a simple, flavor-packed tuna burger. It's a cinch to put together and full of heart-healthy ingredients even Cupid would approve of.

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers are filled with protein and nutrients your body desires. They're easy to make and fun to eat!

DIY Happy Lovebug Valentines for Kids

Take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to do a fun craft with your kids. They'll likely be making a valentine for everyone in class, so you want to make it unique, but also keep it from getting too elaborate.

Party Plan: Valentine's Day

From tips for a cozy night at home to recipes for a fantastic gathering, we’ve got plenty of Valentine’s Day ideas to warm your heart.

Surf & Turf Bacon Burgers

Created by: Carrie Robinson, Frugal Foodie Mama

Surf & Turf takes on a whole new tasty meaning with these Surf & Turf Bacon Burgers! Start with a juicy Black Angus burger, then add a light and creamy crabmeat topping and crispy bacon. It’s an impressive burger perfect for a special night in.

Salmon with Lemon-Caper Sauce

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

When it comes to romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day, sharing a home-cooked meal is a memorable, cost-effective and meaningful experience. For a romantic evening in, this baked salmon with lemon-caper sauce is a marvelous choice.

Baked Brie With Pecans and Apricot Preserves

Created by: Emily Buys, Clever Housewife

For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for expensive gifts, but honoring the love of your life by spending quality time together. A romantic dinner for two is the perfect way to do that. Make the Valentine’s Day meal more special than any other day with some gourmet eats from your own kitchen, like this decadent Baked Brie!

Heart-Shaped Sweet Potatoes

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

These sweet potato hearts fit the bill exactly. Sprinkle them with sea salt and pepper, or even drizzle them with melted butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar for the ultimate treat. Serve these beauties alongside your favorite Valentine’s Day entrée for a vibrant and nutritious meal.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

Created by: Krissy Allori, Self Proclaimed Foodie

If you need anything to turn red, beets are your answer. In addition to natural color, you get to enjoy all of the super food properties from the beets. Plus, much like cooking with pumpkin, zucchini, or carrot, beets add moisture and a velvety texture. Their earthy taste pairs especially well with chocolate too. I call that a win-win situation.

Easy Chocolate Mascarpone Tarts

Created by: Nicole Leggio, Cooking for Keeps

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, one ingredient reigns supreme – chocolate. Whether you take it in the form of a heart-shaped truffle or four-tiered cake, chances are, you consume some form of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Pairs well with Noble Vines 337 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Toffee and Chocolate Dessert Cheeseball

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

This simple dessert cheeseball is perfect for all ages to make, and it’s a treat the whole family can enjoy together after dinner. I love to see the look on my kid’s faces as we dig into a dish they helped make! Spending time in the kitchen with your kids is a great way to make memories on Valentine’s Day.

Mini Heart-Shaped Puff Pastry Pizzas

Created by: Nicole Leggio, Cooking for Keeps

These mini pizzas pack in a double whammy – not only are they miniature, but they are heart-shaped, which means they’re infinitely more adorable than your average pie. I also love that these are a perfect way to include the kiddos in your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Chocolate Truffles With Dates, Cocoa and Coconut

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

Whenever possible, I try to keep my dessert recipes on the clean end, using whole food, un-processed ingredients. Of course, chocolate treats that don’t require a huge time investment and only call for a few ingredients are an ultimate bonus. This chocolate truffle recipe is not only quick and easy to prepare, but also melt-in-your-mouth delicious all while staying on the healthful end of the dessert spectrum.

Creamy Strawberry Shake

Created by: Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root

Strawberry shakes are one of my favorite treats to make throughout the year, but they’re particularly lovely on Valentine’s Day since they’re a pretty pink hue. Try out this recipe this Valentine’s Day in place of a sugary cocktail and you’ll get all the same delicious, special occasion flavor with none of the side effects.

Risotto with Asparagus

Created by: Leigh Ann Hieronymus

Use good-quality Parmesan for a winning risotto. This recipe works well with fresh mushrooms, too!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Created by: Emily Buys, Clever Housewife

Many people skip the big gifts on Valentine’s Day, opting for a heartfelt card instead. Well, nothing is more heartfelt than making a handmade card from scratch. These glittery Valentine’s Day cards are easy to make and offer a great opportunity to get the kids involved.

Frost Your Own Cookie Bar

Created by: Amy Christie, this heart of mine

Sugar cookies are delicious, there is no doubt. A sugar cookie bar is a great reason to gather with family and friends and enjoy something sweet this Valentine’s Day. Whether you eat all the finished products or give them away, just enjoy and have fun!

DIY Heart T-shirt

Created by: Emily Buys, Clever Housewife

Show your kids how much you love them this Valentine’s Day by crafting a DIY heart t-shirt with them. The kids can make mom a homemade t-shirt as a thoughtful gift, or they can craft up a shirt for to wear on Valentine’s Day. It’s a win-win, and super cute.

Party Plan: Love & Food

Share some fantastic food with someone special – the perfect combination for Valentine’s Day!

Vegan Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Created by: Hannah Hagler, Champagne Lifestyle

One of the hardest things about being vegan or lactose intolerant is missing out on delicious desserts when you eat out or you're at a party. Every year on Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I stay home and cook together in our pajamas, but we usually don’t make a dessert.

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Created by: Hannah Hagler, Champagne Lifestyle

Every year for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I make dinner at home. We always try a new recipe, and it becomes such a fun experience – cooking together in the kitchen, lighting some candles for ambiance and getting to eat in our pajamas.

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

Chocolate syrup, Reddi Wip® and chocolate powder top off this delicious after dinner pick-me-up that’s sure to keep your Valentine’s night going.

HERSHEY’S® Date Night Gift Basket

Create a large decorative gift basket designed to deliver a romantic package of gifts to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day like a romantic movie, sparkling cider, a scented candle and more.

Valentine Chocolate Cookie Pops Recipe

Rolled into a ball, stuck with a stick and decorated with white and pink icing, these chocolate chip cookies are a perfect Valentine treat. Or anytime treat for that matter.

Party Plan: Throwing a Kids Party!

The last thing you want to hear when you’re hosting a kids party is “we’re hungry,” or “we’re bored.” Use this Party Plan and you’ll be fully prepared to host the most fun kids party around.

Chili Mac and Cheese

A mac and cheese recipe flavored with chili and zesty tomatoes for an extra kick. Velveeta® is a brand of Kraft Foods Inc.