Party Plan: Mardi Gras

Check out a parade of fun party ideas and recipes to help make your Cajun celebration fun for everyone.


King Cake Dip

All the flavor of king cake with almost none of the work.

Mardi Gras Grab Bag of Games

If you’re gathering friends and family to help you celebrate this holiday known for its high energy and excess, you’ll up the fun factor by pulling any of the following games out of your party hat.

Mardi Gras Photo Booth

What better souvenir to send home with your party guests than a picture of them letting the good times roll at your Mardi Gras festivities?

Bringing it On: Mardi Gras-Style

A decadent holiday deserves decadent décor. You can pull it off without having to spend oodles of money or overmuch time and effort.

Setting the Table

One you have your Mardi Gras menu planned, your feast is as easy as assembling the recipes (and the ones found here really are that simple) and setting a table worthy of Mardi Gras.