Ginger Teriyaki Steamed Dumplings

Make them traditional or with a modern twist, these dumplings, packed with a ginger teriyaki pork mixture will be the hit of any New Year Party.

Orange Teriyaki Halibut

Marinate a delicious piece of whitefish in Soy Vay® Sauce, cover it with thin orange slices, bake and serve.

Spicy Ginger Drumettes

No party would be complete without chicken wings, especially these delicious chicken drumettes marinated and baked in this delicious Soy Vay® Toasted Sesame Dressing and Marinade with apple juice, soy sauce and honey.

Garlic Beef & Asparagus Stir Fry

Fire up the wok, this delicious combination of flank steak and asparagus, cooked in hoisin garlic sauce and topped with roasted cashews, is sure to make any New Year party a happy one!