Cheeseburger Bites

These little sesame seed buns pack a flavorful punch stuffed with classic cheeseburger ingredients.

Diploma Daiquiri

After years of hard work you have earned it - a cold and refreshing strawberry daiquiri!

Hot Italian Sliders

Melted cheese, tangy vegetables and savory Italian meats will make these easy to make little sandwiches the hit of the party.


Loaded Potato Dip

Potato chips have found their perfect match in this dip loaded with cheese, bacon and chives.

Graduation Party Meal: Build Your Own Gourmet Baked Potato Bar

That comforting aroma of hot baked potatoes right out of the oven will call anyone into the kitchen. Whether they’re doodling in yearbooks, staring at their phones separately-together, or playing a game of bean bag toss in the yard, grads will come running.

Tech Gifts for Grads

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, and it has become a big part of professional success for new grads. Help the graduate in your life by gifting something truly useful to jump-start their next steps.