Getting the Living Room Game Day Ready

Created by: Ashley Torres, Pursuit of Shoes

It’s game day and everyone is headed to your house to watch the main event. Is your living room ready? Here are a few key tips for making everyone’s viewing and party time easy and enjoyable:

Seating: Open up couches to make sure all seats have a great view of the television. In addition, bring out extra folding chairs for unexpected guests or those who don’t want to get too comfy on the couch.

Food + Drink: Always keep food and drink in the same room as where the game is being watched. You don’t want guests to have to walk into the kitchen to grab a beverage and miss the game-winning field goal. Keeping all the tidbits, cocktails and beyond in the living room also minimizes the risk of spills walking to and from other rooms!

Game Squares: Many people do game day “squares” to bet on the quarterly and final scores, however, it’s typically done on a piece of paper. The problem with paper squares is that everyone ends up constantly asking, “Who won? Where is the paper?” All of that can be solved with a simple white board. Create your squares on the whiteboard and place by the TV so that everyone has visibility. It leaves more time to focus on the game and enjoy the party!

These 3 simple tips will have you game-day ready in no time!

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